Winston-Dillard, Douglas High amplify campaign online

Through social media and its homepage, the Winston-Dillard School District is demonstrating how districts can spread the reach of the Promise campaign in their local communities.

Visitors to the district homepage will immediately find the campaign banner displayed prominently. And on the Douglas High Facebook page, two students have already been profiled as DHS’s “Promise Student of the Week.”

Last week the Facebook page featured Eli Garrard, who plans “to use what I’ve learned as a brother, wrestler, and student to better my country.” This week it is Robin Black, who is hoping “to inspire others in a chain reaction sort of way.”

Sam Lee, who serves on the Winston-Dillard School Board and the OSBA Board of Directors (as secretary-treasurer), said he is pleased that administrators have responded to his challenge to promote the campaign. Lee discussed the campaign at a local school board meeting; he also plans to ask local Rotary Clubs to sign the campaign resolution.

The Winston-Dillard School Board is one of more than 80 Oregon school districts, education service districts and charter schools whose boards have passed resolutions in support of “The Promise of Oregon” campaign.